Entrepreneur no matter what

In the era of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Internet Decentralization and Remote OK Work, it is a great time to be an Entrepreneur and Freelance Software Developer.

However, according to my networking experience in 2017 and 2018, most software professional recruiting firms are still looking for full-time resources.

Great software tech entrepreneurs often have already many source codes, websites, organizations and companies to take care of. These entrepreneurs may not be available full-time to other recruiting firms, but they may very well be the best resources available part-time to other recruiting firms.

Because entrepreneurs usually work with iterative objectives, always prepare before on-site execution and secure the compromise between software quantity, software quality and software delivery as required by their clients, recruiting firms like Toptal have, in my opinion, the only approach that makes great sense for both Software Tech Entrepreneurs and Hiring Organizations. In my experience, by pushing harder and considering their significant software development and communications experience, great software entrepreneur can deliver both software quantity and software quality in a timely and highly manageable fashion.

I am highly interested in being considered by the Software Developers Group because I believe I am part of the top 3% of international software developers that love to be under mission critical software development projects.

I am currently in the process of joining Software Developers Group and Toptal software developer community and I recommend to other Software Tech Entrepreneur and Software Tech Freelancer to learn about Toptal great way of doing business.

OIFII 2017 to be released sometime in 2018!

Offworld Intelligent Forest Image Interpreter (OIFII) development started with a Ph.D. project in Geomatics at the Centre de Recherche en Géomatique at Laval University in 1994 but the Ph.D. project was abandoned in 1997, 20 years ago.

In 1995, I had secure the trademark Offworld Virtual Being (OVB) to commercially denominate the core Artificial Intelligence software components of the OIFII applications. The 5 years R&D project to develop OIFII.ORG’s OVB was named the Offworld Artificial Intelligence Environment (OAIE) and was successfully accepted as a Canadian SR&ED project but was very difficult to fund in Canada at the time. OIFII.ORG’s founder had to go down in California and develop software for the military schools as well as for AMR California (through USA defense contractor ISERA GROUP INC.) in order to inject capital into Canadian based Offworld Technologies Corporation (now days OIFII.ORG). In order to fully comply with USA’s IRS regulations, I had to create for-profit NakedSoftware Inc (Santa Barbara, California, now days NakedSoftware.ORG) in 1999 for the operations during one fiscal year and to create non-profit Human Aware Corporation (Santa Barbara, California, now days HumanAware.ORG) in 2000 for the operations during one fiscal year.

Projects OIFII, OVB and OAIE were interrupted on September 11, 2001.

The project was too “forward thinking” to be financed by governments and forest industries at that time. Now days, with the forest cover being scanned with Lidar, Deep Learning software and expertise as well as Big Data analysis techniques availability, the same project can be financed because it is very likely to improve sustainable forest industries operations as well as help governments in creating forest maps. There is a possibility for the development to start again in fall 2018.

Here are a few research document scans describing former SR&ED project:

Fall 2017, the OIFII.ORG software technology is used by HumanAware.ORG to create digital Vorotrans Art (VOROTRANS.ORG) in order to finance OIFII.ORG artificial intelligence software development projects in 2018 and 2019. The OVB will be developed using Google Brain TensorFlow C++ API and OIFIILIB.